a home away from home

Based in Fife our care homes are family-owned and provide a friendly, caring environment for all our residents to enjoy. Our aim is to help people feel at home and we think it’s important that each client has privacy and personal choice. To visit a home and experience our hospitality, please contact one of our Care Managers who will be happy to show you around and discuss your requirements.

a warm welcome

Making a new home in one of our Care Homes is a fresh start, a place where people keep their privacy and independence and make new friends and interests, with the reassurance that round-the-clock care is on hand if necessary.

a sense of community

We aim to ensure that our Residents have the opportunity to be independent, have choices, freedom of expression, privacy and dignity, thus enabling them to achieve their full potential.

24-hour care by well-qualified staff
Spacious en-suite accommodation
Locally sourced, fresh home-cooked food
Special diets catered for
Activities and entertainments
Daily newspaper
Weekly and monthly magazines
Escort to hospital, dental or optician appointments
Weekly hairdressing
Laundry and ironing
Housekeeping and maintenance
A safe for small items and cash
All utility bills except private telephone lines and personal television licence
Outings and the use of our minibus
Private dining or buffet for family celebrations
Help to move in
E-mail mailbox for family messages, delivered to residents daily
staying in touch


Send an email to your family member or friend.

Using our ‘staying in touch’ feature you can send messages at any time to any of our residents in the knowledge that they will receive it safe and sound.

email my loved one

The standard of care my Mum received at Wilby House was exemplary. She spent 13 very happy months with you. During this time all her needs were met by so many warm and caring staff. Everyone looked after her and made sure she was happy, safe, well fed and stimulated.

She wasn’t in the best of health when she joined you in November 2022 but after a few weeks she settled into ‘Care Home Life’ and her health and well being improved enormously. She made many friends and took part in many activities. She particularly enjoyed her trips out in the minibus, the summer barbecue  and the Christmas fair.

I always enjoyed visiting my Mum and became friendly with many of your staff. The friendly banter was something I always looked forward to on my visits. All of her visitors, friends and family, were made to feel welcome at Wilby and everyone commented of the wonderful ambience within the Home.Your staff always ensured my Mum was clean, fresh and well cared for. Her room was always spotlessly clean and her clothes were always well laundered.

I was always very impressed with the level of communication between Wilby and myself. I received supportive phone calls from your staff to alert me to any issues as they arose and any time I phoned my Mum I was put through to her straight away. Nothing was too much trouble in this regard.

When my Mum passed away your staff were so caring and supportive of my wife and I when we arrived at Wilby. Everything was handled sensitively and with great respect.My Mum liked everyone who cared for her at Wilby House and before she passed away she wanted me to pass on her thanks to them all.

I dealt mainly with Kirsty, Linda, Chloe and Ros and I would appreciate if you could thank them from me for all the care they provided. And of course, I am indebted to you Sandra for everything you did for my Mum and myself. Wilby House is an excellent care home and my Mum was very fortunate to have spent the last year of her life there.

David Wright
"The standard of care my Mum received at Wilby House was exemplary"

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your staff for the care that you showed to mum whilst she was with you at Wilby House.

I would like to mention a few whose names that I can remember such as Fay, Linda, Simone, Linda, Carly and Kim for their special care in the last 3 days of mum's life. There are many others whose names I do not know or remember who showed my mum extreme care and compassion. All of your staff went above and beyond their normal duties to make sure that mum was comfortable in her last days.

Sandy, Kareen, Adam & Lisa
"All of your staff went above and beyond their normal duties..."

"I really wish that everyone in the Care Home Relatives Group had the same experience as I have had - Marchmont should certainly be held up as an example of best practice - no CH is perfect, but I thank the universe every day that friends recommended it to us - and that they had a vacant room at the time. Although settling Dad in took a bit of time and TLC, I can sleep at night in the knowledge that he is being cared for in every sense of the word."

Betsy Wojcik
"Marchmont should certainly be held up as an example of best practice"

Please pass on all our love and gratitude to all of your staff. Each and everyone of them treated my mother with respect, dignity, care and love throughout her 9 years at Wilby. As you know she thought Wilby was a “good place” , we thought it was superb! I will be eternally grateful to you all for bringing my Mum back to life and putting a sparkle back in her eyes. Love to all.

Maureen Liddell
"As you know she thought Wilby was a “good place” , we thought it was superb! "

To All the staff at Wilby House

Thank you for looking after Mum over the last few years. Also for being such good friends to me and making me feel at ease, welcome and comfortable when visiting. Her last week was particularly bad and not easy for my brothers and I . Thank you all so much for the care and support you showed. I know the work you do is not easy at times. Please pass on our thanks to everyone who knew and looked after Mum. You are a wonderful team.

Anne Woodward
"...for being such good friends to me and making me feel at ease, welcome and comfortable when visiting."