a home from home


There are four main principles that support the quality of care available in our Homes.
All Residents should be afforded the dignity associated with full life experiences and should be respected as equals.
All Residents should be encouraged to retain the free expression of their individuality, helping them to realise their full potential.
All Residents should have access to a diverse range of activities that promotes their quality of life.
We work to a ‘Charter of Rights for Elderly People’ which ensures that all Residents retain their rights of citizenship.


It is our philosophy to ensure that our Residents are cared for in a safe homely environment.

Individual care will be provided in a holistic, dignified way, allowing Residents to realise their full potential.
We aim to:

 Attain the best quality of life allowing choice and diversity.
 Maintain dignity, privacy and independence.
  Provide a modern, creative service encouraging participation within the local community.
 Protect the Residents rights and equality as citizens.
 Work together with the Resident, their family, friends and other professionals to deliver person centred care.