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This information is written for everyone interested in the core facilities within Beechwood Care. Our Care Homes offer a high quality service based upon practices and principles laid down by Rosturk House Ltd.
How to apply

Leaving your home and familiar surroundings to move into a new care setting is undoubtedly a very big step.

We suggest that it should not be undertaken without a full investigation of what such a move will involve. You are encouraged to have a trial stay in any of our Homes to find out what it is like. If you would like to apply please get in touch by phone, email or via our contact page. Our Care Manager will be in touch with you to discuss your requirements and arrange a visit.

Moving in

A meeting will be arranged before you move in to any of our Care Homes. This may involve yourself, your relatives, social worker and our Care Manager.

This ensures that you are happy for the move to go ahead. Your first four to six weeks in the Home will provide an opportunity for you to decide whether you are happy in the Home and want to continue as a resident. We would advise that you should not give up your home during this period.

If you decide you would like to stay we will ensure all your needs are being met. If you decide you would like to go back to your own home or to consider other options, we will help you in any way we can.

Terms & conditions

If you decide to move into a Care Home you will be asked to sign an agreement setting out the terms and conditions of residence. This will ensure you are aware of the fees you may need to pay and your rights as a resident in the Home.

Financial information

A financial assessment will be made before you move in. Your fees will be based on your ability to pay, this may involve funding from your local council. Advice can be given by our Care Manager, social services or the contracts department (of your local council), when contracting via social services.

Paying privately

Please ask the Care Manager via our contact form for further information regarding self-funding.

How our care homes are inspected

Independent inspectors visit all our Homes at least twice a year. They inspect the Homes to ensure that they are run according to standards which are defined by the Care Inspectorate and are based on law. As part of the visit the inspectors may ask for your comments. Their reports will be on display in the Home but can also be downloaded at your convenience from

Medical matters

You should be able to keep your own doctor. If the Home is outside your doctor’s practice area we will help you to choose another one. We can arrange for you to attend hospital, dental or opticians appointments as required, if a relative or friend can’t go with you. A chiropodist visits the Home periodically. You may, however, prefer to receive treatment from your own private chiropodist.

Administration of medicines will be discussed prior to admission.


Special diets are catered for, with a choice of meals. We have access to a dietician if necessary. Drinks and snacks are available at all times.


You are encouraged to continue practising your chosen religion. Your religious representative may visit you at any time and you can also join in the nondenominational services held periodically in the Home.


Activities are an important part of daily life. Each Home offers a variety of activities, such as Beauty Therapy, Reminiscence Groups, Slide Shows, Sing- A-Longs etc. You will be encouraged to continue to enjoy any hobbies and interests of your own. Social occasions and outings are arranged on a regular basis, but clients should be aware that this may sometimes involve a small cost.


A hairdresser attends our homes on a weekly basis for which there is an additional charge between Residents and hairdresser.

Laundry and clothing

All laundry is done within the Care Home and residents are asked to purchase discreet labels for their clothing. Advice on labels can be given. Any additional clothing brought into the Home, must be given to staff so they can be added to your initial inventory. Please, where possible, buy machine washable garments as the Home cannot accept responsibility for any damaged garments. Dry cleaning can be arranged for you at your expense.


A safe is available for small items and cash. We advise that alternative arrangements should be made out with the Home for valuable items, as we do not accept responsibility for any lost valuables.


There are no set visiting times, visitors are welcome at any reasonable time. We ask all visitors to sign in and out at reception for fire regulation purposes. Visiting children must be accompanied and supervised by an adult at all times.

Please speak to management before bringing pets into visit.