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Easter at Marchmont

Easter and the beginning of Spring is a wonderful time for residents across care homes. The end of winter and the beginning of lighter and longer days, clearer skies and sunnier times always bring out the best in everyone. There's a general feeling of hope and optimism that comes around this time of year, and that is especially true of this Easter at Beechwood Care. After such an incredibly tough year for everybody due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this Spring coincided with the light at the end of the tunnel. Vaccine rollouts, easing of lockdown restrictions, and visitations to our care homes from our resident's families and friends meant that our residents and our carers all got into the Easter spirit. Across Marchmont and Wilby House there was an incredible feeling of relief, joy, and celebration as everybody took part in a whole host of fun-filled Easter activities.

After finding some excellent egg decorating inspiration online, Marchmont started off their Easter celebrations by trying to recreate some colourful 'tie dye' eggs splashed with a rainbow of colour. The actual achieved result however… Well let’s just say not all arts and crafts turn out exactly as you’d plan for, but that’s okay because everyone had a fun time trying them.

Not a group to be easily deterred, our residents then tried their hand at some Easter-themed paper crafts, which were much more successful.

For Easter Sunday itself, our residents started the day with a wee Easter egg hunt around the premises, searching high and low for a selection of Easter treats. A certain resident was ecstatic when he found 2 eggs and quickly realised, he’d be able to indulge in both of them – showing you’re never too old for some Easter egg hunting fun.

However, it wasn’t just those who found the eggs in the hunt that got a treat. With Beechwood Care, we make sure that no one is left out so we ensure that everyone got their own Easter egg and a card from a carer at Marchmont. Have a look below to see everyone enjoying their very own eggs! We still had one more treat in store for our residents though… Our brilliant cooks made up a batch of Easter cakes to finish the Sunday off and ensure our residents were going to be climbing on the ceilings from all that sugar.

Beechwood Care hope you all had a great Easter weekend!

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