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Easter at Wilby House

Easter and the beginning of spring is a wonderful time for residents across care homes. The end of winter and the beginning of lighter and longer days, clearer skies and sunnier times always bring out the best in everyone. There’s a general feeling of hope and optimism that comes around this time of year, and that is especially true of this Easter at Beechwood Care. After such an incredibly tough year for everybody due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this Spring coincided with the light at the end of the tunnel. Vaccine rollouts, easing of lockdown restrictions, and visitations to our care homes from our resident's families and friends meant that our residents and our carers all got into the Easter spirit. Across Marchmont and Wilby House there was an incredible feeling of relief, joy, and celebration as everybody took part in a whole host of fun-filled Easter activities.

To kick off Easter weekend at Wilby House, our residents started things off perfectly with some lovely Easter cakes! Baked up by Sheena, Anne, Ishabel, and Kathleen, the cakes were enjoyed during afternoon tea and were certainly far from the last sweet treat our residents indulged in for Easter weekend...

Rice Krispie Easter cakes at afternoon tea, yum!

We also had our lovely night shift carer, Maggie, bring in these incredible cakes for our residents. Wow! Talk about being spoilt for choice.

With our residents set for the weekend and full of sweets, we were ready for the fun to begin! So what better way to have some fun than whacking a great big pole off something... enter our Easter piñata. Filled with chocolate eggs and bunny rabbits just waiting to be scrambled for, our Easter piñata was fully taken advantage of by Jim and Hellen. Taking turns having a hit, it wasn't long before the floor was filled with all the goodies after the piñata was successfully burst open by our two daring residents. With such a successful go at bursting it open, we quickly realised we wouldn't wanna be on the wrong side of either of them...

Now it wouldn't be Easter without an egg hunt, would it? With eggs hidden all around the home and clues prepared, our residents were ready to embark on their egg hunt. But, to little surprise with residents like ours, it didn't take long for all the hidden eggs to be found out and tucked into it. Some more well-deserved treats don't you think?

Everybody at Wilby House hopes you had a great Easter weekend.

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