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In Remembrance of James McLean

November 25, 2020

We were moved and humbled earlier this month to have had a testimonial sent by the daughter of one of our late residents to the Care Inspectorate on our behalf. Nancy’s father James had been a resident with us since 2018 and had made a great impression on our staff with his personality, wit, and fantastic stories.

Nancy said:

“Dear Sir/Madam,
We would like to take this opportunity to commend the staff at Wilby House in Loughborough Road Kirkcaldy.
My Dad was a resident there for over 2 years and we could not have wished for a better ‘home’ for him. The staff were so caring and professional, supportive to us as a family. We were always included in every aspect of care and always welcomed at any time.
We would especially like them to be acknowledged for the end of life care for my Dad. He passed away at Wilby House on 2nd of November. He was able to come ‘home’ from hospital into the care of the Wilby team.
We will never be able to thank them for the loving care and dignity they gave my Dad and the never-ending support and opportunity to be with my Dad as a family. In these trying times with restrictions in place, it was not an easy task to have extra pressure put on them, but they went above and beyond expectations over the last 6 days of Dad’s life.
We feel care homes have had such bad press over the past few months and we wanted Wilby to be recognised for their hard work and efforts to make everyone in their care be safe and secure in difficult circumstances.
Nancy Brown & Family.”

We can’t thank Nancy enough for thinking of us in such a difficult time. It’s been an incredibly tough year for everyone, and we hope we can always be there for everyone who needs our support. Our thoughts are with Nancy and her family at this time.

Sandra, our Manager at Wilby House, wrote down a few memories of Jim we’d like to share with you.  We hope you enjoy this little snapshot into the life of such a lovely man.

“James or Jim as he was known as here in Wilby came to stay with us in 2018 After the loss of his beloved wife Jim's health started to deteriorate and coming to stay here at Wilby was his next step. Jim found the transition a little perplexing to begin with but soon settled in and participated fully in all the events and outings. Jim always had a large smile and a joke to tell you and was loved by all staff and residents. Jim took great pride in his appearance and always took to the floor as he was a first-class dancer.
Jim's greatest passion was his family and he never tired of telling how proud he was of his grandsons and of course Nancy his beloved daughter and he had some interesting tales to tell. the football was another of Jim's passions and would never miss the highlights or games on the tv, of course Rovers were his priority.
Jim was never lonely as his family and friends took it turns to take him out every day and he loved the cakes. Afterwards he always came home full and would struggle to eat his lunch. Jim was a well loved and respected man who would always know someone wherever he went. At a fiddlers rally one evening Jim started chatting to everyone it turned out he knew the singers and the fiddle players all from his past days in the church.
Unfortunately 2020 and the restrictions that was introduced proved very difficult for Jim and his health started to deteriorate sadly Jim passed away leaving a large hole in everyone's heart both here at Wilby and with all his family and friends.”

Sandra – Manager Wilby House

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