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Platinum Jubilee Celebrations at Wilby House

June 16, 2022

What better way to kick off the month than with an extended bank holiday weekend? A party atmosphere swept across the whole country as everybody got ready to dive straight into the Platinum Jubilee Celebrations to mark 70 years on the throne for the Queen, and you can’t have a countrywide party without the residents and carers across Wilby House and Marchmont. Getting the fine pieces ready and cracking open a few bottles of fizz to mark the occasion (it’s thirsty work all this celebrating), find out all about how Wilby House spent the long weekend below!

It's not just enough to celebrate the Platinum Jubilee, you’ve got to look the part too. The residents and carers at Wilby House took that as a personal challenge as they transformed the home with all the decorations and bunting you could need, utilising the very best of their arts and crafts skills to make sure the home was fit for royalty. But it didn’t stop there.

Even if no members of the Royal Family were free to drop by, the residents made sure to fill the void by becoming Kings and Queens for the weekend by taking part in a crown-making afternoon with enough jewels and gems to turn heads at the Tower of London. We think they all looked ready for the throne! And of course, they had to have a wee ice cream as a reward for all their hard work...

Taking full advantage of the opportunity to dawn their crowns, they barely left the resident's heads as the long bank holiday weekend celebrations kicked off with the newly transformed Wilby House hosting a party 70 years in the making. A fine platter of sweet treats and cakes was washed down with plenty of champagne as the residents all had a fantastic time, even having a bash at face painting in the process!

We hope everyone had a fantastic bank holiday weekend however you spent it, and that it got you right in the mood for summer – bring it on! To keep up to date with our homes, make sure to follow us on Facebook.

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