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Summer at Beechwood

September 1, 2021

Where does the time go? As we head into September, the days are getting shorter, and the nights are getting that little bit colder. Although Autumn doesn’t officially begin until the 22nd of September, the feel of the season is creeping into the air at the expense of summer. Whilst no one likes to see the sun and the heat go away for another year, we can at least take some relief in the fact that Scotland actually got its ‘fair’ share of both this year. Across both Marchmont and Wilby House, our residents got the opportunity to enjoy the summer with lots of great activities both indoors and out!

Anyone who has spent their summers in Scotland knows that good weather isn’t always a guarantee… This year however, we got pretty lucky with more than few scorching days and in true Scottish fashion, we all felt it was a wee bit too hot. Knowing how rare these days can be, our activities co-ordinator took full advantage and planned some great days out for our residents.

Whether close by on a walk along Kirkcaldy Promenade or further afield to the seaside at Elie, our residents got plenty of fresh air and maybe even a little tan too! Whenever we are able to, we always try to get the residents out and about as much as possible, giving them a lovely change of scenery and a chance to stretch their legs and take in the lovely weather - and in this case, the beautiful seaside!

Even when our residents spend the day within our homes, there's still plenty to enjoy - specifically food! Whilst we always equip the carers with a handsome supply of juice and snacks when out on their adventures, it doesn't quite compare to some of the feasts that take place at home, or the steady stream of snacks and sweet treats that are always on hand...

Summer isn't quite summer without a BBQ. So when the sun was out, we fired up our brand new BBQ, got the burgers on the grill and the beers out the fridge for a fantastic day in the Marchmont garden. Elsewhere, our residents are known to have a bit of a sweet tooth so of course we had to satisfy that. Choc ices anyone? A favourite among the residents, they tucked into them on more than one occasion this summer, and too right! Not to mention the fact that July was Ice Cream Month...

I don't know how you like to spend your summer, but here at Beechwood, we are all about celebrating. Luckily then, our residents got plenty of chances to get up off their feet, have a dance and a party, and celebrate in style, true summer style.

Amongst the usual string of residents birthdays to celebrate, there was extra reason for festivities with a great selection of entertainment and activities on show between our homes. With summer holidays limited to travel, we instead brought the holiday to us by celebrating the 4th of July with plenty of American themed food and drink to get the residents in the mood. We were also lucky enough to have some local entertainment visit us with Dan Greer, Amy Hawthorn and a local brass band all stopping by and wowing the residents with their plethora of respective talents. As always, our residents don't take much of an invite to get up off their feet, but a few drinks here and there certainly helped - not that they needed it. It's always such a pleasure to see the residents up and moving with a big smile on their face, and even inviting a few of our carers to join them on the makeshift dance floor.

Whilst it's still not quite a 'normal' summer, that didn't make it any less special and even though the seasons change, our residents remain consistent in providing us with plenty of happy memories. We can't wait for what comes next! Halloween decorations anybody?

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