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Thank You, Carers

June 18, 2021

When it comes to life within Beechwood Care, there is very rarely a moment where our carers don't go above and beyond for all of our lovely residents. Whether it be through the level of care they provide, or through the activities and games they come up with and take part in, they are constantly making our residents smile, laugh, and enjoy their time at our homes. It is thanks to them that makes life with Beechwood Care so special. To highlight their incredible work, we asked a few of our carers why they chose a career in caring, and this is what they had to say.

"Caring is not just a job, residents become like family to us and this last 15 months we have needed each other even more."
"We want to make a difference to the life of an elderly client. We want to show them that just because they come into a care home it does not mean their life is over, it’s a new chapter. "
"Caring is probably one of the hardest jobs I have done but it is also the one I have loved doing the most."
"We can change how a resident is feeling that day by a smile, sitting listening to them, and the stories they tell are really interesting."

At Marchmont, to show our appreciation, we had a little celebration for our wonderful carers. We gave them all a little personalised key ring, and our chef baked up some lovely treats with a special thank you message. We are so incredibly proud of the individuals we have here who make up our caring team, and we want to keep highlighting the incredible work they do.

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